The Cruisin Brain contains many more features than any go kart, golf cart, mobility scooter, electric wheelchair or child’s electric car. It can interface with off the shelf components easily, so you do not need to use specialized motor controllers, control systems or other proprietary parts. It is extremely configurable to allow you to customize your vehicle to the way you need it.

The Cruisin Brain can be retrofitted to many different types of small electric vehicles, though Cruisin Brain could be slightly modified to support gas powered vehicles.

These are some of the reasons you may wish to retrofit Cruisin Brain into your electric vehicle.

Existing electronics are broken

Many electric vehicles come with proprietary electric components that when they fail are very expensive to replace. In some cases parts are no longer available, which makes it very difficult and expensive to repair your vehicle. By retrofitting Cruisin Brain into your vehicle, you no longer need to use proprietary electronics in your vehicle as Crusin Brain supports several off the shelf motor controllers, 4WD, 2WD, as well as lights, power steering and most features required by small vehicles.

Increased safety

Cruisin Brain has many more safety features than most small electric vehicles, for example:

  1. An elderly person likes to get out and about on their mobility scooter but they are at risk of getting lost. Cruisin Brain could be configured to track the vehicle and report its location to you.

  2. Your organization rents golf carts to the public and some members of the public drive them like race cars, potentially damaging the golf course, themselves, others or the golf cart (and the associated insurance costs). Cruisin Brain can be configured to allow the driver a great driving experience but also limit their ability to drive the golf cart unsafely.

  3. A disabled driver has special needs in regards to the forces exerted on them while driving their mobility solution. Cruisin Brain with its AHRS can limit the lateral G force the driver experiences with a few simple settings.

Custom disability solutions

There are many bespoke mobility solutions for disabled people, especially for off road use. Many of these solutions are very expensive, which makes them out of reach for many people. Cruisin Brain can interface with off the shelf components, which significantly reduces the cost of these offroad mobility solutions.