Our mission at Cruisin Co is to make awesome electric cars available to everyone. We have put these instructions online towards making that mission possible. Building a Cruisin Co electric car is a great project to do with children, doing so promote an interest in STEM and teaches them driving skills. They are a great replacement for motorised gokarts as they are almost silent.

It is possible to build the Cruisin Co Electric Car in a single day, excluding painting and as long as you have all parts and tools required.

You should expect to outlay approximately $300 (AUD) to build your own version of the Cruisin Electric Car. The total cost does depends on how much you spend on your mobility scooter and the amount of bling you add to your car.

These cars have a top speed of approximately 15km an hour, which is quite fast, especially in turns. The Cruisin Brain allows you to limit the top speed. We recommend limiting top speed to a little faster than fast walking pace.

We tested the design of the Cruisin Electric car and the Cruisin Brain that is at the heart of every Cruisin Co Electric Car for over a year before we made these instructions available.

The basic process of building the Cruisin Electric car is:

  1. Stripping the mobility scooter until all the unnecessary parts are removed
  2. Adding some steel framing to the stripped mobility scooter to create the structure for the seat and steering
  3. Adding a seat and floor plate, while considering where the battery(s) you have chosen to use will be situated on the car.
  4. Adding the necessary electronics to the car
  5. Painting the car

How to achieve the above is detailed extensively in the following pages.

If you would like to get assistance building a Cruisin Co Electric Car please contact us

Notices and Warnings

Mobility scooters are designed to carry large adults (up to 200kg), this has the benefit of the electric car described here, being able to transport several children at once. The negative of this is that these cars are very strong and have the ability to push a child over or even drive over them. Please make sure drivers of these cars are aware of the need to drive safely at all times.

We are not responsbile for anything that occurs as a result of you using these instructions.

Table of Contents

Cruisin Brain